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Since time immemorial, man has sought different ways to communicate – to propagate ideas, thoughts, principles and philosophies. Printing was unheard of and beyond human imagination in ancient times. Instead man sufficed his needs by engraving on stone, wood, palm leaf or animal skins. Writing on parchment, cloth and paper was done in recent history. But these were time-consuming methods and they had a limited reach.

Then a day came when one man felt the necessity to spread the essence of biblical values easily and quickly. And thus was born Guttenberg's first printing press in 1496 AD. From that moment in time, book printing, printing promotional literatures, periodical and magazine printing began.

In India, Sarvothama Pai of the Bhadragiri family felt the need to produce in print, the traditional Hindu oral literature, Dasa Sahithya, for mass distribution.

And thus was born the Sudhindra Printing Press, offset printers since 1961.

Today, Sudhindra showcases a high quality printing facility...

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